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Differential success in obtaining gametes between male and female Australian temperate frogs by hormonal induction: A review.

Most Australian frogs fall into two deeply split lineages, conveniently referred to as ground frogs (Myobatrachidae and Limnodynastidae) and tree frogs (Pelodryadidae). Species of both lineages are endangered because of the global chytrid pandemic, and there is increasing interest and research on the endocrine manipulation of reproduction to support the use of assisted reproductive technologies in conservation.

Secretogranin-II plays a critical role in zebrafish neurovascular modeling | Journal of Molecular Cell Biology | Oxford Academic

Abstract. Secretoneurin (SN) is a neuropeptide derived from specific proteolytic processing of the precursor secretogranin II (SgII). In zebrafish and other te


The long-term objective of the TEAMENDO research program is to understand how the brain and pituitary transduce environmental and physiological signals into changes in reproductive function.


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